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Shoreline Management

Owning lakeshore property has many enjoyable benefits, but also carries the responsibility to protect and improve the quality of the water. The primary factor in maintaining water quality is managing the shoreline to prevent runoff of pollutants.  Effective shoreline management keeps our lake healthy and protects our property values. 

Refer to the Aitkin County Shoreland Homeowner's Guide to Lake Stewardship 2015 for detailed information on reducing runoff, managing waste, stopping the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species and other recommendations.

See how Big Sandy rates in terms of water quality based on Minnesota Pollution Control Agency studies.

Use the Minnesota DNR Score Your Shore Tools to assess the status of your shoreline

Manual   Quick Guide   Powerpoint Training

                Do You Know?

Who owns the shoreline?  Do people have the right to use the first few feet of your beach? For the answers, go to this article on the Minnesota DNR website:  Pardon Me Myth

Presentation materials from the May 19, 2018, Love Your Lake program on shoreline management are available here.

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