BSLA Board of Directors


   Bruce Johnson - President
   John Sturner - Vice President
   Kathryn Beatty - Treasurer 
   Ben Gisselman - Secretary



Board Meetings

Regular board meetings are held the second Saturday of the month, 

8:30am, Big Sandy Lodge, lower level. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions,   monthly meetings are being        held with limited attendance, may be at other locations or virtual until further notice.  See the Calendar for changes.


   Dick Beatty

   Margo Gisselman

   Laurie Hamre
   Jack Johnson

   Christopher Krolak

   Tom Meyer

   Stu Mortrude

   John Pilney

   Ann Rorem
   Russ Thompson

   Laurie White



   Jeff Backowski

   Bob Greifzu
   Bill Reed

Annual Meeting Canceled

Due to health risks and Covid-19 restrictions, we did not hold an Annual Meeting in 2020. Interim decisions regarding appointment and renewal of Directors were made by the Directors at the regular August meeting. The Board will continue normal business of lake association work each month at our regular monthly meetings. Official decisions on elections will be suspended until the 2021 Annual Meeting.