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AIS Inspection Programs

Inspection Success Story

Careful inspection at the boat launch off Highway 65 prevented a major infestation of Zebra Mussels in Big Sandy Lake in 2015.  

Click here for the full story and a picture of the boat's hull.   

2022 Inspection Program

Continued funding will pay for inspection of boats at Big Sandy's public landings. To apply to be hired

as an inspector

contact Chad Harting

at 218-824-9675.

Zebra Mussel Early Detection Program

BSLA has a Zebra Mussel Early Detection program. Each summer, detection gauges are installed at various sites around the lake and are inspected regularly for signs of zebra mussel veligers, the early stage of their development. Click to view a map of the sites.

Big Sandy Lake 2021 Inspection Data

* 2114 boats were inspected entering

  Big Sandy

* 5 boats (0.24%) found entering launch

  with the plug installed

* 1 boat (0.05%) found with water

  present, required draining

* 1 boat (0.05%) found with weeds

  or mud attached to the boat or trailer

* Big Sandy non-compliance rate was


* Aitkin county-wide non-compliance 

  rate was 0.775%.  

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